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Brad is an enthusiastic, dynamic and passionate young man with a passion for speed. His life mission is to find solutions to raise funds to fulfill his vision which is to develop opportunities to introduce kart driving to all teenagers around the world in order to prepare them to become safe drivers in the future, so that traffic accidents are minimized worldwide. He will accomplish this through becoming an influencer by becoming a professional formula 1 driver.

The Story
Of a champion

Brad Benavides was born in South Florida, USA on July 20,2021.

Since he was few months old he was introduced to a sports life environment. At 5 yrs old he started his swimming sports carrier and his weekends where full of speed excitement, since his family passion was offshore racing. Brad always was connected to the likes of fast Cars due to his family life style and at age 11, while he was temporarily living in the country of Guatemala, he was introduced to Karting that after few years became his sport of choice, abandoning swimming.

Due to his great talent and results in kart racing his family moved to South Spain so Brad at age 16 could dedicate full time to motorsports. After several years of racing karting at world class level Brad migrated to single seater motorsports racing. His debut in the Formula single seat cars was in October of 2018 at the Formula 1 race track of Barcelona, Spain with the famous team Campos Racing. During 2019 he participated in the Renault Formula 3 European Championship with the new team assembled by Formula 1 driver, Fernando Alonso.

During 2020 the Covid pandemic restrictions disabled Brad from participating in motorsports, but 2021 has been the year of preparation in the formula’s global motorsports Arena for Brad so he can start his 29 months Quest to reach a Formula 1 seat by 2024 with the best preparation possible. Currently he is a team member of the world famous Carlin Motorsports where a hand full of current Formula 1 teams racers developed their driving abilities to become the best in the world of motorsports. His poise, sense of developing the X- Factor, courage and tight focus on his goal will raise Brad to the top of the world of motorsports.

Last but not least Brad invests his weekly leisure time following his ADVOCACY, teaching and supporting kart driving lessons for a hand full of students from age 8 to age 17, but also separating time for online gaming on a regular basis.

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Formula 3 Racer

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American-Spanish racer Brad Benavides will make his Formula 3 debut with Carlin in 2022, becoming the side’s second signing along with fellow rookie Zak O’Sullivan.

The 20-year-old, who was born in Florida, spent the first half of last season in the Formula Regional European Championship, before switching to Euroformula Open in the second half of the year, where he finished in the top 10 in eight out of his nine races with Carlin.

The British team ran then ran him in their F3 machinery on Days 1 and 3 of post-season testing at Valencia, where he impressed enough to earn a deal.

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On a personal and professional perspective Brad pushes for a sustainable world where professional sports like Formula 1 contributes awareness and responsibility for a better world .

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Shantal Lamelas is a graduate of UCLA and Cal State Long Beach. With a M.A. in Sports Management and having worked in professional sports, Shantal has experience and expertise in corporate sponsorships, contract negotiations, marketing, event management, athlete branding, social media and client services. She directly consults with clients on a wide range of projects designed to expand their off-field and post-career business and creative opportunities.